Where have I been? Long time no post…

Well it has been a long time since my last post!
I haven’t been away I have simply been sidetracked from blogging.

Before I get to my excuses for not blogging, I want to share a thought about a Firefox browser graphic/image. Recently FireFox have been advertising “FoxYeah” and added an animated gif to their homepage which I like for some reason. Have you seen it? Well here it is:

FoxYeah animated gif

FoxYeah animated gif

I just like it because it shows a little spark of creativity and originality in much the same way that Google do original art work to celebrate special occasions. I do like finding “different” things that are digitally creative and this is just one recent small example. Have you seen any creative digital online projects recently (large or small) that you have liked?

My wife pointed me to another image during the week that summed up my online travail when I hit a problem and search for an answer where I shouldn’t..in the fridge! See:

Fridge answer NOT!

Fridge answer NOT!

Well, back to the point. As you know I am good at getting sidetracked and then forgetting to do blog posts. It is not a skill I want to be good at but it seems I am and it comes naturally. What have I been sidetracked with? My chess project!

I am doing a web based chess project at the moment and I firstly I decided to improve my blitz rating and I spent lots of time playing blitz chess. My rating has improved and is between 1300-1400 but I want it 1400-1600! Next I decided I wanted to do some chess programming projects and I needed to brush up on my programming and specifically C programming. This has been most frustrating as I struggle to make a simple function to deal with both move entry and board update in pgn coordinate format! I did manage to make a board array index swap function which has helped partly in the board update problem but this needs more developing!

/* function prototype to swap two elements in an array */
void swapBoardindices(int first[],int second[]);

/*My swap array function*/
swapBoardindices(&board[52], &board[36]);

void swapBoardindices(int first[],int second[]) {
int temp = first[0];
first[0] = second[0];
second[0] = temp;

It ain’t exactly rocket science, but sometimes C programming can feel a little like that to me!

Right, that was it! End of this quick blog post (short and sweet). I will have to refocus on my blogging and get back in the swing of regular blogging (in between my chess project and C programming). Meanwhile enjoy the summer everyone! Best wishes 🙂

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2 Responses to Where have I been? Long time no post…

  1. Anthony says:

    Well done Richard.
    Back on the bike!
    Nice to see your chess rating is going up. Well done. I won’t comment on the C, as I don’t know A to Z of programming in any language . . . But I do know that SOME answers really are in the fridge.
    Have a great summer. And post more.

  2. Richard says:

    Hi Ant
    Thanks for looking in here and taking time to post. I appreciate it.
    I hope you are very well and look forward to keeping in touch with you,
    Best wishes 🙂

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