Internet Marketing KISS

Tweet I have recently completed an eBook on internet marketing applied with the KISS concept. This eBook titled “Internet Marketing KISS” is available as a free gift with a blog subscription to my blog (see the email optin/sign up form). … Continue reading

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May time…

Tweet This is my merry month of May post! I have been quite busy during this month mainly completing my starter free eBook titled “Internet Marketing KISS” and taking up learning digital art with GIMP. This eBook is available free … Continue reading

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Fluid CSS Grid rhd_DEgs

Tweet Responsive web design I have been looking at responsive web design recently due to the undoubted use of smart phones and tablet devices that are now used to view websites on. From my research and testing it seems a … Continue reading

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April…time to blossom some more!

Tweet April..time for more blossom in and out of the garden The March blackthorn blossom is receding and the cherry trees are in blossom now. It seems like everything in nature is awakening in Spring as we head towards Easter. … Continue reading

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Full screen/page screenshot

Tweet Full page screenshot without scrolling I am currently doing a course on Web Design with Photoshop, Illustrator (& GIMP) where I needed to take screenshots of a website to create an image in any image software program to edit … Continue reading

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March 2014

Tweet Winter weather now turns to spring.. The UK has had a very wet winter, especially January and February with serious and extensive flooding and coastal storm damage hitting many regions (includes northern areas, the south west especially Somerset and … Continue reading

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C programming ..pointer fun with Binky!

Tweet I plan soon to do a C programming post/article (possibly a series). Meantime I have just run across this video from Stanford University (Nick Parlante) which is a basic introduction to the important topic of pointers (widely used in … Continue reading

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