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Today is the best day of your life. It is also Tuesday and this post highlights the excellent #toptiptuesday at Twitter with my own mindset challenge for #toptiptuesday

In fact, my top tip is that this very moment is the best moment of your life. If though you are not where you want to be in life right now, then you will have to make some changes to SWIM AGAINST THE TIDE (OR CURRENT) that is taking where you do not want to be.

Would you like to earn $50-00 for this moment? Would that help make the moment even better?!

ALL you need to do is sign up to my MINDSET CHALLENGE.


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Sign up for this challenge. In return, you will get for FREE the best mindset resource available on the internet that will help you TODAY (right now) move forward to the place you want to be at!

As a bonus you could make $50-00 by simply submitting the best answer to the mindset challenge question you receive from this.

Whatever you do, you WIN! It is a win-win scenario! Even I will win, as when you sign up, I have the chance to be with you to help us both BE THE BEST WE CAN BE! We are already awesome, but we can be even more awesome together! 😉

There is nothing to do…so in NIKE branding terms, why not “JUST DO IT”

Even if you do not signup for the mindset help resource and continued mindset support or to enter the competition consider joining the conversation @ Twitter by tweeting #toptiptuesday

This competition is closed (time expired and lack of entries).
There is no competition winner.

Despite the lack of entries and internet interest for this fine competiition I remain positive and I will take heed of this for any future competitions I run from my blog.

Have you run a competition on your blog?
How successful was it?

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