Arrivederci amici

Tweet Arrivederci amici Over the last 11 days, Hilary and I have had 2 fine Italian students staying with us and we are now sadly saying goodbye to them, Alan and Andrea. Alan and Andrea arrived from near Milan to … Continue reading

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So much happening…

Tweet Good day all! It has been a very long while since I posted, as there has been lots happening to me! I have been trying to sell my mum’s house and taking regular trips to the house at weekends … Continue reading

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My Top Tier Business -MTTB-

Tweet My Top Tier Business -MTTB- My Top Tier Business is a business training product for online businesses, entrepreneurs and anyone interested in online business. It is produced by Matt Lloyd of MOBE (My Own Business Education). Recently, my wife … Continue reading

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Inspiration and effort

Tweet Inspiration and effort My wife brought to my attention a news article today about a teenager who got his first job after more than 200 job applications. This shows admirable determination and effort and serves as some inspiration to … Continue reading

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Tweet Pinterest I joined Pinterest recently on the advice of Melyssa Griffin, who saw it as a great way to promote yourself and any products you may have?! I joined mainly out of curiousity and at the moment I surely … Continue reading

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Busy month…

Tweet Being busy since my last post Since my last post, I have been quite busy. Here is a flavour of a few projects I have been involved with. Project_Finish Project_Finish is my new eBook all about how to finish … Continue reading

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Tweet Learning In my professional career (several years ago), CPD was the buzz word. This stood for Continuous Professional Development and statutory hours of study per year were brought in to try to ensure you kept current with the latest … Continue reading

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