Geany4Windows (code editor/IDE)

Tweet I have liked using Geany4Windows as a basic all purpose code editor for a long while now. For some reason though I recently experienced 2 problems with it, which I have solved and want to share here briefly. Firstly … Continue reading

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Happy New Year 2016

Tweet Happy New Year 2016 I have had a good Christmas (but not without some stress) and look forward to a happy new year 2016 ahead. I wish all readers of my blog a very Happy New Year and all … Continue reading

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Where have I been? Long time no post…

Tweet Well it has been a long time since my last post! I haven’t been away I have simply been sidetracked from blogging. Before I get to my excuses for not blogging, I want to share a thought about a … Continue reading

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Vlog post

Tweet Well. unfortunately I have fallen behind with my blog posts lately. Why? Well I have been largely sidetracked by trying to get my chess blitz rating to 1400-1600 and presently it is proving tough to achieve this. Today’s post … Continue reading

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Walk on…

Tweet Walking on… I want to briefly mention that my wife Hilary, made a New Year’s resolution (2015) to walk 1000 miles over the year. She enjoys getting out and about in the country and towns and last year walked … Continue reading

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Time marches on in the month of March 2013

Tweet Well February 2013 is gone now. Time flies and the snow has gone for the moment. March has roared in? Anyway I am looking forward to Spring 2013 which is hopefully getting nearer as the weather slowly improves and … Continue reading

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Digital dealings

Tweet Sometimes I think IT / programming is not for me! This happens when I try new actions and they hit the buffers. For example I still have not fixed my WordPress child theme problem with BuddyPress and/or bbPress (see … Continue reading

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