Time marches on in the month of March 2013

Well February 2013 is gone now. Time flies and the snow has gone for the moment. March has roared in? Anyway I am looking forward to Spring 2013 which is hopefully getting nearer as the weather slowly improves and the temperatures warm up a little. It is so nice to have a few days with blue sky and some sun as grey and white (snow)seem to have been so dominant this winter. I still have snowdrops in flower in the back garden and they have cheered me up over the last month when not much else has in my garden!

Snowdrops in flower

Snowdrops in back garden in late February 2013

So why haven’t I been blogging here? Well I keep hoping I will have finished my Internet Marketing project and am almost waiting to post about that. Sadly it is not finished.I had a week’s holiday in February yet I spent a lot of the time converting another website to WordPress and so I did not spend enough time on my IM project.

I designed and printed a business card for my new Digital Design business-rhd_DE rhd_Digital Enterprises for which I was doing this WordPress site conversion and I am now building a home improvement website. I hope to keep working on rhd_DE and keep developing it!

Meantime I had a major computer crash on my secondary computer. This was running Fedora17 until I wanted it upgraded to F18 but hit a big problem with this. Using FedUp it crashed and I lost my data and it took somewhile to restore Fedora. Finally I have Fedora18 and am adding all the software that is useful to me ie LAMPP stack/C/C++ compilers etc.

I have blogged more regularly on my Ipswich Town FC website ( ITFC Super Blues) and today I posted a piece on the French defence chess on my chess website (ChessatmyboarD). I have been playing some blitz FICS chess to try & improve my 5min blitz rating but am making very slow progress.

As indicated I have had a problem with AWeber & blog subscriptions and I have had to take down my blog subscription email sign up here. I must get this fixed and replace it soon. Hopefully I can plan out some more regular blog posts to come but that is all for this post as a brief update. Take care all (everyone who follows my blog & any visitor reading this). Looking forward to more posts soon… 🙂

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