Belated blog post…

Well it is a long while since my last blog post in which I was looking forward to the New Year 2012!

2012 is in full swing now yet some of my projects do not seem to be in full swing! However work has been up and down and it wasn't helped by me getting ill around 2 months ago. I was sick with a nasty flu bug sort of sickness and have been struggling to get back to full health with it. It left me with a persistent cough which is only just disappearing now- I hope it goes completely & soon as it has been very irritating! I also face several pressing family matters.

Just before my illness I designed a new website theme for GetSimple CMS named GS Steps– see

This was an interesting exercise and while I am happy with the theme I still feel I can improve it's 'robustness' which to me means it's display and use in all browsers and on all platforms. Unfortunately I haven't really time now to continue developing it as I want to finish all my other projects (those I mentioned in my previous New Year post). For some reason I recently also became sidetracked in learning some more about C coding and that has sidetracked me somewhat from the tasks I still want to finish. Nonetheless I have enjoyed learning some more C and I look forward to using it more!

I was prompted to post now as I have just updated my blog to latest WordPress v3.3.2-this was a little bit of a pain… My WP setup did not want to update to start & I had to deactivate all plugins and take several other measures before it would update! There are still several tweaks I want to do to the site.

The biggest thing I want to do to the site is too get BuddyPress forum running better! This still is proving a big challenge but I haven't totally given up on it yet-watch this space…..Finally I need to get on now with the blogging product and services I have been developing and threatening to launch for the last 6 months!

So, as I still have lots to do on the digital & internet front I will finish this brief post now and try and post more regularly…best wishes to all 🙂

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