Random post on autumn gardening

Today (this afternoon) I spent some time in our back garden, planting up the raised vegetable bed with winter vegetables. I planted, kale, cabbage, broad beans and purple sprouting broccoli.

Raised veg bed with winter veg

Raised veg bed with winter veg

The bed also, still has a single courgette left from the summer vegetables, which were a great success. These included, lettuces, chard, tomatoes, runner beans and peas (the peas were the only ones not to crop really well). This has been our first season with a raised vegetable bed in the garden and it has been a great success. It is very good making your own salads and eating your own produce freshly picked (and cooked immediately in the case of the runner beans). Chris helped assemble the raised bed and now calls himself “Monty Don” after the Gardeners World presenter that we like to watch present the BBC Gardening World programme!

We have been busy on 2 other garden projects this summer, a new patio and a new pond and both are great additions to the garden. At the end of autumn we are reseeding the area of the back lawn that became eroded with a spoil heap from the earth removed for the patio and pond (2 large bags of earth removed later with a skip lorry). Last weekend we pruned lots of the plants and small tree and today continued tidying for autumn.

So, my wife and I have had a good gardening summer and the garden has improved lots even if I have had a very poor summer of blogging with no posts! Apologies about this and I really must do better at blogging!
There seem to be so many other jobs to do, I forget to do blog posts. I will try and refocus and attempt to start some more regular creative blog post writing! Till the next post, happy gardening and blogging, best wishes 🙂

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