Yesterday I ran across a great quote from Nelson Mandela!

“Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.”

This has inspired me! In my own humble way, I must keep getting up and going forward, despite any knock downs I may take. Perhaps this will inspire me to finish my projects and work that need finishing and maybe start blogging again?! I hope so!

N Mandela Do not judge me by success but

N Mandela Do not judge me by success but

This is just a quick post, so have a great day and hope you can take some inspiration from the great man’s quote too! 🙂

So the uploaded image I have for this quote is NOT displaying?!
In the WP media library the image thumbnail is a grey box only with no image showing? WHY?
I will try and investigate… it is not good if inserting post images no longer works!

I asked in WP forum for help with this media library image not displaying and
received a helpful reply from a mark chaves, who suggested renaming the file also…Thanks Mark.
So I tried renaming my file to remove an underscore and trailing periods
and the renamed image uploaded successfully!
(rpd_N Mandela Do not judge me by success but…png, renamed to, N Mandela Do not judge me by success but.png and this renamed image uploaded successfully).
See this image of the media library (this shows the uploaded image thumbnail alongside the non uploaded, non displaying image thumbnail).

WP media library N Mandela image upload issue

WP media library N Mandela image upload issue

As seen above the quote image now displays properly and so this problem is fixed.
I advise care in naming images for WP upload to media library for success! 🙂

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