Inspiration and effort

Inspiration and effort

My wife brought to my attention a news article today about a teenager who got his first job after more than 200 job applications. This shows admirable determination and effort and serves as some inspiration to me to apply for more jobs.

Reece Jaconelli_Job_application

Reece Jaconelli, 19. gets first job despite countless applications rejected.

After I ceased dental practice in 2004 I had a variety of jobs including a stint as a trainee teacher and in 2008 I took a job in retail which was only meant to be temporary until I found a better job. However, I have been stuck there ever since and many of my job applications have been ignored and I did not get past the interview stages for any others. Since then my employer cut my hours to part time and has shown no interest in any job or career development with them. I have muddled on with this as it is easier to accept failure than work for success, BUT now I am not going to accept this anymore! Even though I am now 8 years older there is nothing I could not do in my present employer at a good level and it is time I returned to proper full time employment.

Sure, this part time work has given me a chance to learn new skills (basic C programming for one) but it is not fulfilling enough in many areas (especially mentally and financially). I have recently applied for jobs and as usual I have had little response! I will try to chase up these dead end no responses and take inspiration from this teen’s refusal to give in to this problem and apply for many more jobs.

Well done Reece and thanks for your inspiration! 🙂

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