Overdue post already…

Blog post intentions

It is 2 weeks since my last post here! Oh dear, this weekly posting hasn’t worked out yet! Nevermind I will just have to try harder.

It isn’t though as if I haven’t made any other posts in the last 2 weeks, because I have done posts on my ITFC SuperBlues blog, commenting on my favourite football team Ipswich Town.

So why didn’t I do a blog post here last week? Well I think the answer is that I have taken up chess play again this year!? Two weeks ago I decided to try and start playing chess again after ceasing at the end of October 2014 (last year). When I started playing again I found I was very rusty and my rating fell dramatically and I am just dragging it back up now. Again, I have done blog posts on my chess blog (ChessatmyboarD). I spent a couple of evenings just studying and playing chess and this does take time from doing other things! Hopefully I can find a better balance between achieving my chess aims and the rest of life!

More on chess..

On chess, 2 weeks ago I visited Bury Knights Junior Chess club which was working really well with lots of members competing in the British Chess Challenge. I worked with Bob Jones to update the BKJCC junior website
and want to keep this regularly updated. I was also looking to simply add a slider instead of the static header image but found no simple easy plugin for this. Now I can change the 2011 theme code to add NivoSlider, but this does take a little time to do. In the meantime I set the header image to randomly display other images and so it acts as a sort of slider (but not a proper slider).



The Fired Up And Focused Challenge

Again, over the last 2 weeks there have been other issues happening. Not least, I have been doing an internet marketers course called “Fired up and Focused” by Racheal Cook (the Yogipreneur). This is fantastic! Simply that. I stumbled across Racheal last year and did the challenge then but somewhat halfheartedly. Repeating it is really worthwhile.

Fired Up and Focused Challenge

Fired Up and Focused Challenge

I don’t know one end of yoga from the other but this makes no difference as Racheal and the group welcome everyone! DO IT!

Well, that is enough of a post from me for now and I will try and do more later (so much to do and so little time). Take care and have a good week 🙂

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