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Well it is now a week since my first post of 2015 and I have been wondering if I can do a regular weekly blog post here from now on?

It would help me if I could organise this and to that purpose I have made a blog editorial calendar in my Google Calendar..see image below:

Google Calendar blog post editorial 2015

Google Calendar blog post editorial 2015

I intend adding weekly blog post reminders to this calendar and I shall try and find time at the weekends to write my posts. These posts as ever will be a mix of everything! Well not quite everything but I am hoping to improve my interest in digital design, developing and of course production. In 2015 I hope to better get to grips with the following:

  • C programming
  • Web Developing
  • Chess
  • Internet Marketing
  • Digital art

So watch out for interesting and helpful posts on all these topics (and more) from me at my rhdwponlinetwist blog here!

Again this post is just a quick one, as I believe regular short posts are better than irregular large posts. I have had a fairly busy first week of the new year 2015. I have been using my new Wacom CTH-480S graphics tablet and I have discovered some new software to produce my own music (well beats tracks). This is LMMS eg Linux MultiMedia Studio. I am enjoying learning about making digital music with LMMS but haven’t yet produced a track I am happy with!

Linux MultiMedia Studio LMMS

Linux MultiMedia Studio LMMS

So hopefully over time this year, I can continue to develop at organising my blogging and blog posts well. This is a work in progress!

For now that is all, so till the next post next week, have a good week and…take care! 🙂

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