My Tech Tips (post 2)

Well now, following on from my new My Tech Tips blog post no1 I wanted to try another ‘MyTechTips’ blog post as a quick follow up, mainly to check it works in WordPress as I want. As such I do not have a major post in mind but just want to talk about a recent Windows Software update (optional update) problem I have.

Windows Software Update.
I have had a problem with an optional software update for:
Realtek PC1e GBE Family Ethernet Controller

After I install this I can no longer connect to the internet & that of course is a major problem. I have tried reinstalling it a couple of times but it always then stops my computer connecting to the internet.
Normally it is good practice to update to the latest software versions & updates but I can find no solution to fixing this new version and for the moment I have to stick with the older version to maintain my internet connection. Thankfully I was able to remove/disable the new update & return to the old version. I cannot remember now how I had to do that but I may well have used the very useful Windows system restore program. This sets the computer back to an earlier time point when it was working properly and so means you can get control and function back for your computer!

When & if I find the cause & solution to this I will post an update here. I have tried googling Realtek for help with no success yet. Computers and software are prone to software conflicts and that is why reporting these events is useful to alert the manufacturers of such bugs & problems so they can offer advice & help.
(I could go on about other Software issues I have experienced but may do so later).

In general though the Windows Software update feature is good and you should check it periodically to see that updates have installed.

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