Springing into action?

I don’t really know how time flies by so quickly in this cyberspace internet world as it is mid February already and I haven’t posted any updates after my New Year resolutions!

However I can say that I am doing most of my computing on my son’s old computer that I installed Ubuntu on back in November 2010. Since then I have been enjoying and not enjoying using Ubuntu! In short I like Ubuntu (I am using Ubuntu10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx) but it has been very unstable to use & I have spent lots of time trying to restore it after it’s many crashes. I learnt the hard way & lost a lot of my documents as I initially had made no backup before a catastrophic crash but now I try & backup regularly! I have added a page ‘Ubuntu’ to my blog and intend to give more detail on my Ubuntu experiences on that page.

I had been trying to learn something about Graphic programming in Ubuntu installing Gambas, FreeBasic, GtK+ etc etc and I still want to learn and do more Graphic programming. I was also exploring using The GIMP image software and doing webdesign mockups with .xcf and photoshop .psd files and slicing and converting them to webpages. I am trying to sharpen up my webdesign skills as I have one main project in mind and I have been trying to design a new website for this. Interestingly I became more aware of the effect of different screen resolutions on my website designs as in Ubuntu10.04 (which I am using now to do this post!) my res is 1280×1024 whereas on my other VistaPC the res is 1024×800. I am trying to make my webdesigns display well in both resolutions but doing any of this work has been greatly delayed with the trouble I have had with Ubuntu crashing!

Also I have just now done a WordPress update to v3.0.5.
Other than those technical issues I have managed to play some tennis and chess with moderate success!

Like many others I am looking forward to Spring time and am enjoying the days getting lighter earlier.
When is spring time in UK? Is it when the clocks go forward in March? (or when we get frog spawn or all of the other natural spring like happenings!). Anyway lots of bulbs are starting to flower now so I think Spring is definitely on it’s way & Winter is on the way out?!

Let’s look forward to springing into action now…..perhaps soon I can get outside and do some gardening too!

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