Belated Happy New Year 2011 to all!

A happy New Year 2011 to all!

I made a New Years resolution to try to think more deeply! I also intend for this to help any action I may take after I have done a greater and deeper thought process!

I suppose I have other aims for the New Year 2011 also. Included in this is to try to do more blog posts! So this is my belated start!…

So far this year I have been working on a new website business which I intend to start very soon and I will be doing this with my wife (Hilary). I finished the static html index page today which is custom built and have been adding WordPress code to turn it into a WordPress theme. This new WP theme needs a little more editing before it will be fully ready but I hope this won’t take more than a couple of hours at most to do and I can get it done this week! Hopefully we will open this website and new business venture very soon! (after a lot of deep thought!…).

So my next post should follow soon!

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