My new blog theme has not remained live for long!

I was editing my new WordPress blog theme to get the theme editor working but came across this free theme and decided to take down my blog & try this theme here live!

I will continue to develop my own WP blog theme between my local development IDE using Xampp localhost server and my hostgator online blog here.

Already though I have an error message using this theme (theme ADreamtoHost3.0). It is:

 Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home//wp-content/themes/ADreamtoHost-3/functions.php:9) in /wp-includes/classes.php on line 1586

I will look into it though, this just proves my point that nearly every free WP theme has some error/problem that needs sorting which is why I decided I might as well make my own theme instead of editing problems in other free themes!

As I couldn’t fix this error I have installed this theme instead! This theme ‘naturalpower’ seems fine and I hope it proves to be so!

{Wrong again! The option to edit the header colour doesn’t work! Stuck with green! Why don’t free themes ever work properly?!}

Maybe the theme editor has to be enabled from the settings page? I will investigate.


Latest update on enabling theme editor in WPMU:

I googled this & found this advice @


If you have installed WordPress MU and like to have the theme editor and plugin editor for easy customization of themes and plugin from dashboard (like normal wordpress), then here is the customization technique to get the same. For those who are new to WordPress MU, there is no provision for tabs as “Theme Editor” under Appearance section and “Plugin Editor” under Plugins section on Dashboard in WPMU


I am applying this fix now and hope to get theme & plugin editor functions enabled!


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