Geany4Windows (code editor/IDE)

I have liked using Geany4Windows as a basic all purpose code editor for a long while now.
For some reason though I recently experienced 2 problems with it, which I have solved and want to share here briefly.

Firstly I “lost” the compiler tab/window so that compiler warnings and errors did not show when compiling build and executing C code/programs. On Google search I found a thread about a similar issue and asked for help there. The help reply was not direct and I ended up uninstalling my Geany(v1.24) and reinstalling the latest Geany1.30. This restored the compiler tab/message window. When I posted this to the help thread, the answer came back that while it was a solution, it may have been better to delete config file! Also the height of the compiler window apparently can be set to 0 and then it won’t show of course but I do not know how to do this with code. It can be done with the mouse/cursor adjusting the window height. I did lose my Geany custom template files, which I will have to remake now. However, C compiling is now working as normal.

Calron default normal layout with tabs and compiler window

Geany4Windows_1.30 Calron default normal layout with tabs and compiler window

The other issue I had, was that Geany would not allow multiple files/tabs to be open. I did not submit a help thread to Geany on Github for this, as the tab/multiple files returned after I adjusted the menu item View–> “Toggle all additional widgets”. This restored the ability to view multiple tabs.

So now I am back to normal with Geany4Windows and am able to coding my various coding projects and files smoothly with Geany. I like Geany as it is relatively lightweight and easy to use for many file types and so has many programming uses and it is good to have it’s normal behaviour restored.

Whatever code editor you like, happy coding 🙂 BFN!

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