Summer cold

Spring is over and summer is starting here in UK.

I was going to blog more on the many projects I am involved in right now but 2 months ago I suffered a very heavy cold and cough and I am only just recovering from it! Add to that, I have strained my back this weekend gardening at home and my body and health are suffering and struggling right now.

Yesterday my wife Hilary and I managed an 8 mile walk around the local countryside and we especially enjoyed the many wild flowers and nature all around. It was actually good exercise for my back but I felt stiff after!

Walk with wildflowers

Walk with wildflowers

A few weeks ago, I started a new video chess course (my updated Chess Rating Rise course) but I had to stop as I could not record my videos with my sore throat and husky and croaky voice! A little earlier I completed a new garden project with my wife which was the installation of a raised bed. This went well and we planted it out with plug plants (lettuce,chard.peeas, beans, courgettes and tomatoes) and suddenly the spring weather turned from mild to warm back to cold and frosty. This set the plants back and despite fleecing, we lost about 4 plants (3 lettuce and a courgette). A bit frustrating, but the summer is coming and the temperature has increased and now the plants are growing quickly and we are enjoying salad lettuce leaves and chard in our meals (straight from the vegetable bed…cannot get any fresher!).

Raise vegetable bed

Raised vegetable bed

I have plenty to blog about (digital, business and general issues) and I do hope I can get myself organised to do better with my blogging. One of my friends has said they can help me blog, so this could be helpful and interesting! I’m not totally sure what help and accountability this might cover, but anything to help my blogging is to be encouraged! Now I am getting twinges from my sore back, so I am going for a walk and stretch and then on with my work, which I look forward to blogging about soon! Take care and best wishes and let’s hope for a fine UK summer and good health to enjoy it! 🙂

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