So much happening…

Good day all!

It has been a very long while since I posted, as there has been lots happening to me!
I have been trying to sell my mum’s house and taking regular trips to the house at weekends to clear it. There is a buyer who is having the survey done today so I hope that is satisfactory and the sale can progress. It is sad to sell the family home where I spent many years growing up, but life moves on!

On one of my weekend trips to the house, my car overheated and it broke down and I needed a recovery tow back!
I have to say thanks to the guy at the junction where the car seized up who, pulled up behind me and jumped out of his car to help me and pushed me in the car off the road, to a safe spot. That restores your faith in human nature! Anyway, the car is still in the garage but hopefully it will be repaired soon (head gasket…).

Other than that I have spent a lot of time reworking my chess training course CRR ( Chess Rating Rise – CRR). It still needs a little more done but will be comprehensively updated and the new version is better but also slimmer. The first version is still available at it’s opening discount which is a crazy bargain sale for such a lot of good chess rating improving information. If you want to improve your chesss, I would suggest you grab a copy before it finally disappears and the new version (which will be better but will not include all the resources and so have less content!) is released.

Ullswater in the mist Aug 2016

Ullswater in the mist Aug 2016

I had a week holiday in Cumbria with my wife Hilary and most importantly saw my Mum in her care home in Penrith and we took her out to Ullswater and Keswick. Best wishes Mum, you are doing well for 92!

Well I hope to post much more soon if I can find time. Unfortunately I have not done anything much with the MOBE work, but there is a link here to a FREE MOBE seminar if anyone is interested. It will be worthwhile! 🙂

The next workshop is : IM Freedom Workshop (MOBE) UK Manchester, UK 23 Aug – 1 Sept 2016
BE QUICK…this is free.
IM Freedom Manchester 23/08/16

Of course it has been a great summer of sport in UK with a bad loss in the Euros football to Iceland (from England, who have a new manager because of that). The England Test cricket team had a win and a draw in against SriLanka and Pakistan. The Olympics are on and my daughter Lizzie has been there watching the men’s gymnasts and the womens athletics. She is now skydiving in Mexico! Go Lizzie!

Best wishes, take care 🙂

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