Busy month…

Being busy since my last post

Since my last post, I have been quite busy. Here is a flavour of a few projects I have been involved with.


Project_Finish is my new eBook all about how to finish a project!




This is my new GitHub repo for my C programming notes. This is a work in progress.
See this link:All-at-C- My C programming notes GitHub repo

Miscellaneous projects

I have worked on my chess rating rise project and course. I have also spent a little time playing blitz chess and redeveloping the CRR course. I have been on Blab (with Mark Lassof of Learn to Program). I have been doing marketing with MOBE (My Own Business Education) and the MTTB (My Top Tier Business program which is fantastic! I shall do an individual post on MOBE soon).

I have been running my Amazon FBA small business, and my health and fitness blog and using Twitter and Facebook! I am looking to develop more ecommerce projects, as well as continue with my digital and web design and developing business activities! Again, I hope to blog more specifically on new opportunities with this.

Windows(IIS),WebDev and WordPress

A few days ago, I started to make a web page that could take some user input data and store it to a database so it could be displayed as needed (I wonder, if it can be saved to a MS Excel spreadsheet also? I will have to look into that…). What technologies should I use for this? I planned to use MySQL and PHP (but what about JavaScript and ASP and any other?) and to use IIS localhost server, to test it.

So, I made my file as .php and a MySQL database (using MySQL Workbench). I then tried to view the database with phpMyAdmin, but got an error (could not connect)!



I then browsed to my localhost WordPress install and found the dreaded could not connect database message! So, my localhost WordPress site was down! I have no idea what caused this (the WordPress database was present in MySQL). Rightly or wrongly, I decided I would delete my MySQL databases and my localhost WordPress install and start anew with fresh installs. I made a backup copy of my WordPress theme files I wanted to save and deleted the other files and reinstalled.

This was all fine, except I was left that my new localhost WordPress would not auto-update theme or core or plugin updates! I remember having this issue some years back and sure enough I found my own 3 year old post on StackExchange about this! In general, there are two ways to fix this. The first is to provide FTP connection details, yet the details I gave would not work and I still do not know why not or what my localhost FTP exact credentials are to fix this!

WordPress FTP credentials for automatic updates

WordPress FTP credentials for automatic updates

The second way to fix this, was described by an answer to my original post and relied on adding “Authenticated user” to the WordPress folder. This worked for me 3 years ago and worked now to! So, I can now auto update my localhost IIS WordPress again and it is back working again. There were a couple of other suggestions to fix this in WordPress using config-inc.php edits but they didn’t work for me.

There are many, many posts about similar WordPress issues and many are on the WP Forum and have been closed, and give no answers. WordPress user help can be found at the WordPress codex, but this desperately needs updating and expanding.

WordPress Update fail Cannot Create Directory WP Forum Q but no A

WordPress Update fail Cannot Create Directory WP Forum Q but no A

I also have a FTP authorisation error in IIS on my wordpress folder(site) that I have no idea what it is!
Perhaps that is why my FTP credentials didn’t work? See the image below:

Wordpress localhost FTP Authorisation error_

WordPress localhost FTP Authorisation error

This whole process has taken place over 2 evenings and has distracted me from doing my intended webpage! By the way, I updated phpMyAdmin and this was working fine the last time I used it!

A few days earlier, another of my WordPress sites was down and I found it was due to a plugin issue! I removed all of the 33 plugins I had on the site and the site restarted and I am still slowly readding the plugins. I have not yet found the culpprit but I did see how the WordPress Jet Pack plugin changed the site header dimensions! The joys of WordPress!

All this has stopped me blogging, but this is a poor excuse!
Other events that have occured are, that the History channel Vikings series restarted (but is now in a mid season break). See my other blog for comment on that!

MasterChef UK series finished with a great final! I am trying to learn a few new recipes myself, the latest I did was chicken risotto, so nothing too difficult!

Championship football has all but finished, with Ipswich Town finishing seventh (see my ITFC blog for details). The playoffs are in progress. Congratulations to Leicester City for winning the Premier League! The cricket season is now here and England play Sri Lanka. Come on England! I often see Nick Knight and chat to him, at my local place of work (ex England batsman and now Sky cricket commentator!). The days are getting warmer and the evenings lighter and some work is needed in the garden! It is good to get outside and get a break from the computer! So, I hope all my readers are well and best wishes to all! 🙂

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