In my professional career (several years ago), CPD was the buzz word. This stood for Continuous Professional Development and statutory hours of study per year were brought in to try to ensure you kept current with the latest learning in the profession. This was no problem for me as I already used to do many extra hours of self study to keep learning and stay current. For others, though, it was quite a shock, as some never had looked at courses since qualifying many years ago.

In my non professional career (my part time work) there is a scheme called elearning but it is not run well and there is little scope for me to learn many new things with this. I still though continue to do courses I want to study and have learnt a lot about programming and web development and marketing.

The other day I came across John Somnez(Simple Programmer- I think he followed me on Twitter?). He seems passionate about programming and learning and I signed up to his free email course on this. He also has a paid course that covers learning in more depth and one day if I get more time and money, I would like to do that course too! He also has a YouTube channel, where he covers other topics of interest to me and I am embedding one of his YouTube videos here, so you can check him out too, if you like!

Some interesting thoughts there!?

Happy learning to you, in whatever sphere or (buzz word) “niche” you like! 🙂

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