Modern abstract mess…

My “Modern Mess” abstract art

A few days ago, I was away at a very nice country house, which had some very large abstract art canvases on the walls. Sadly, my camera/phone was out of battery, so I couldn’t take their photos. Up one staircase were two large modern art canvases that I found really boring. They were very large and identical and hung on opposite walls going up the staircase. They were essentially orange coloured boxes with fuzzy borders. Elsewhere in the building, were other smaller artworks hung, with paint spattered effects, which I found much more pleasing, as they were very vibrant and displayed colour and energy.

Anyway, I decided I would do my own modern art abstract and in GIMP in 5 minutes, this is my result posted on my DeviantArt page:

rhd DE ModernMess by richardpd on DeviantArt

I guess modern and abstract art is more open to individual interpretation, than many other art styles.

My mother is a good artist (still life and landscapes) and I do not have her talent and ability, but I do like some classics eg Turner,Manet,VanGogh, Constable and also some of more contemporary artists, like Warhol and Banksy, to name a few very well known artists. For me there is a satisfaction from creating a work of art, whatever it maybe (pop-art style to classic style).

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