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Recently I went on 2 weekend courses back to back. Wow, that was tough going!
These courses seem to want to pack so much in there is often an early start and a late finish.
The first course was in Peterborough and the second in London and I commuted to both daily!
Then you have to get on with your day job during the rest of the week. I wonder if these course organisers realise how difficult that can be?

Unlimited leverage

This was weekend one at the end of Jan 2016 and was a FREE course! It was a complimentary course from Rob Moore for buying his Life Leverage book. I have lots of praise for Rob and his team as they really are getting to grips with online business training, which can help their (literal) bricks and mortar business and work stand alone as online sales and marketing opportunities.

There was far too much to cover in this blog post, so I will condense it down greatly to 2 main areas of interest for me. One of the course leaders was Steeve Lamontagne who gave a presentation on Amazon FBA. Rob Moore himself endorsed this and so I have started as an Amazon FBA seller now myself.

Of course Steeve wanted to sell his Amazon FBA course but he missed a great sales opportunity with me. I only wanted to buy his home study DVD course but he insisted I buy the full course that included the home study for free. I declined that as I could not afford that course and I actually wanted to buy the home study course, yet he walked away from me when I had said no to buying the full course?! Not great sales technique Steeve!

The other presentation of note was from Paul O’Mahony of Social Media Mastery. I had seen Paul back in Brighton in June and my wife had subscribed to his course then. Unfortunately due to pressure of work she had not done the course follow ups, yet there was another presentation by Paul with this next weekend in London! I spoke to Paul and he said I could go to the London meeting also: great!

Unlimited Succes course follow up

I didn’t know Unlimited Success had existed before the course as I only knew Rob Moore from Progressive Property. Once back home I started with Amazon FBA and posting to the Unlimited Success Facebook group page which is a good way to get feedback. See what I mean about Rob expanding his business digitally!

Finally just to note, while I had been on the course in Peterborough, Hilary was at home doing the tax returns and cooking, cleaning and shopping! Hilary is also under pressure with her day job as she tries so hard and although the course just cost me peanuts and travel expenses, the emotional pain cost was really high, leaving Hilary with such home work! Course organisers, please note the pressure some people are on even before doing your courses!

Social Media Mastery

So next weekend I went to Paul O’Mahony’s course in London but not alone.This time I was with Hilary and we had a good time with Paul. On Social Media Mastery, Paul wanted us to start blogs in popular niches and promote them with social media. I started with rhd_FitnessandHealth see:A Fit and Healthy Life

A Fit and Healthy Life screenshot

A Fit and Healthy Life screenshot

and Hilary started Inspiring Personal Development

Inspiring Personal Development screenshot

Inspiring Personal Development screenshot

Social Media Mastery course follow up

Hilary and I are enjoying our new blogs and trying to build a social media following using Social Media Mastery course.

Paul O’Mahony’s social media advice applies to all websites and online business activities and I will be try it out here on this blog! Watch out….


Well those were 2 good courses but both require a lot of work from the participants to follow up with. As I came home from London, I thought it would be quite easy and my new blog would be done in 5 minutes and successful in 10 minutes…A little optimistic and I am still working at it but enjoying the challenge!

Are you involved in online business and if so how do you find it? Is it a part of your blogging? It is for many and it appears there are many coaches online making money teaching students how to do online business. What is your experience of this, good bad or indifferent and why?! Do let me know..

Best wishes and goodluck with any of your online business 🙂

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  1. Rob Moore says:

    Thank you for the comprehensive summary of “Life Leverage” & the Unlimited Success training course “Business Cashflow Accelerator.

    This is Rob. I want to personally thank you for taking the time to make this detailed comment. I will for sure pass on the feedback of separating the online/digital courses for FBA on Amazon – this is good feedback. As you rightly point out digital media can be highly leveraged, as I talk about at length in the book; though it is also important to master Leverage in your personal and business life as well as online media.

    I’m happy to help anyone who may be working to hard to be wealthy, and is till in the mindset that working harder & longer makes more money. All it does is burn time for an ever diminishing amount of remuneration. Leveraging other people’s knowledge, expertise, experience, contacts, systems, resources, databases, social followings, etc is they key to getting more done in less time. Outsource as much as you can and look at building systems and teams that support a handsfree, mobile lifestyle. Whether you love travel or not, creating autonomy & lack of dependency on you to run your enterprise means you have more flexibility, ability to pivot and maybe most importantly; choice

    Thanks again
    Rob Moore
    Author of “Life Leverage”

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