Windows 10 update

Latest Windows 10 update

A few days ago now (on 070116) my Win10 desktop PC got an update and the PC instructed me that it was an exciting new upgrade while it was updating.

What did I notice about the upgrade? Well the start menu design seems to have changed somewhat and the start menu left click menu is redesigned. Three of my popular programs had changed the default file association. All my chess pgn files were associated to my ChessBase Premium 2009 program (instead of to Winboard, my original and preferred pgn program). PDF files and html fles were associated to MS Edge and not as I previously had them with Adobe Reader and Firefox.

MS Win10 update 070116 new left click start menu

MS Win10 update 070116 new left click start menu

This has given me an opportunity to try out MS Edge browser and it seems fine (except I do not want that opening pdf files by default, so I have changed that back to open with Adobe Reader). The font size in my Windows console command prompt (terminal) had also changed and so I reset that back to my preferred font size.

MS Edge browser new tab

MS Edge browser new tab and options menu open

Some ogg video files were not playing in MS Edge. Mp4 videos do play and googling suggests WEBM video files are compatible in Edge. The F12 Developer tools seem fine but I have no idea if other addons are supported (eg Firebug?..which I use with Firefox).

What else did this update do? Well I haven’t any idea! I think it was KB2504367 but I googled it and came up with few results. Some were suggesting there was a major Win10 update due at the end of last November, so was this it (just a little late?). Have you noticed Win10 update changes?

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