Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year 2016

I have had a good Christmas (but not without some stress) and look forward to a happy new year 2016 ahead. I wish all readers of my blog a very Happy New Year and all the best for 2016!

New Year 2016 Resolutions

There is not much to say here really, as I intend to become healthier and happier this year, and much of this involves the usual trying to lose some weight and do more exercise and do better work.

Digital workings

I have mentioned on this blog before that my WordPress theme (animassrdblogbp-my own customised version of anIMass WP theme-) needs an update and I must try and do this soon this year.
Just before Christmas I found Adam Warner’s WordPress site and I made a few posts there and I intend to keep checking there regularly.See the link Succeedwithwp


Also around December I completed my beginner and intermediate chess course, which has taken a long while to finish. However after careful review, it still needs a final edit, so I am not publicising it yet. I hope to finish this final edit soon!

I was working on my chess course final edit yesterday and for some light relief(?!) I delved into my chess programming folder and revisited Second Chess C engine code by Emilio Diaz. This has always given me compile warnings in MinGW (GCC compiler) compiling and I finally fixed them. I enjoyed reviewing this C chess engine code but still realise I have quite some way to go with my C programming understanding to program a chess engine. I continue to edit the code (various functions etc) to my taste and am using this as the basis for my C chess engine (badly named at present as rpdSCCEscd(!WHAT!? Lol…)

Hopefully in any spare time I find, I can continue to learn more C and C chess programming, and become a chess playing and chess programming master! Screenshot below shows my C engine playing at Win command prompt in terminal and in Winboard mode playing in Arena GUI:

My C chess engine rpdSCCEscd(C)

My C chess engine rpdSCCEscd(C) in Win Terminal and Winboard Mode in Arena

Thanks by the way, to all who kindly share their C chess programming code, as it is a big help (see BlueFeverSoft Vice chess engine on YouTube and Tom Kerrigan and his C engine TSCP and there are many more). Also, to Chris Tatham (author of Numpty FreeBasic chess engine)..if you are reading this Chris, how about UCI support for Numpty?

More blogging

Of course a big New Year resolution is to do more blogging on programming, marketing and all things digital, interspersed with chess and other crucial life matters!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to y’all! 🙂

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