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Andrew Reynolds’ Brighton BootCamp

I spent a very enjoyable long weekend with my wife Hilary at Andrew Reynolds’ Entrepreneurs BootCamp in Brighton from 17-19 July. This was 3 full days of seminars from successful entrepreneurs, giving ideas on how to run businesses online. The ticket sales proceeds went towards a very worthwhile charity “Blind Children UK” who received a cheque of £162,460.

Entrepreneurs BootCamp Brighton stage 17-19 July15

Entrepreneurs BootCamp Brighton stage 17-19 July15

Hilary has known of Andrew Reynolds for quite sometime and in fact we both attended a similar BootCamp again organised by Andrew 6 years ago at the O2 Arena London. It felt like we were coming round in a full circle from when we started learning about online business and internet marketing all those years ago. Since that time Hilary and I have done several courses by well known online entrepreneurs but none of our ventures have survived the test of time. We know the reason for that, is that we have not ever fully finished our projects. By that I mean, when we got no sales from our ventures, we never took full action to fix that and became sidetracked onto the next venture (“shiny toy”) and in fact repeated the failure again. Over the last few years, we have learnt a lot and learnt the hard way!

In fact I could write a book on what I think is one of the greatest barriers to success and that is getting SIDETRACKED with other projects and never fully completing your first goal.

We now both intend to take what we have learnt from this weekend and make successful businesses and appreciable income from it.
Andrew Reynolds introductory talk.

Andrew opened the event and mentioned a few other reasons for failing to succeed in online business. The main one though was not even starting or trying?! He knows many people whom he has coached but haven’t even got started with his free giveaway resources. I know that sounds a bit daft, but I can understand, as actually even if you do the hard work and build your own website and offer product for sale it can be very hard to get traffic and conversions and make worthwhile sales. If you get this far it can be disheartening and many people give up at this point too. Andrew is very positive and still keen to share his ideas and let others present their entrepreneurial ideas to help anyone get started. He has a long list of successful students that show his ideas do work.
Andrew’s FREE BOOK offer!

As Andrew is keen to help anyone and he has written a new bestselling book “Copy This Idea” with many tips on how to make money as an entrepreneur.
He is giving the book away for FREE* and the book offer and free book have some more good offers (eg Copy These Ideas newsletter offer and DVD sets of a previous O2 arena Boot Camp). This is a quality book, that reached no1 in WHSmith business category.

Take a look yourself by clicking the banners below. *FREE there is a nominal £1-00 post&packaging fee and a sales pitch for more sales but with no obligation (simply click the “No thanks” links to just get the book). I’ve taken advantage of this generous offer and can recommend the book for more ideas and inspiration.

A star studded line up of entrepreneurial speakers.

I couldn’t possibly go into detail in this blog post about every presentation and all the solid and great ideas they gave on how to make a successful online business and make profits. Here though at least is the daily list of speakers with topics:

Fri 170715

  • Armand Marin
  • Greg Secker
    • FOREX Trading
  • Rob Moore
    • Progressive Property
  • Shaa Wasmund MBE

Sat 180715

  • Matt LLoyd
    • MOBE
  • Andy Harrington
    • Passion Into Profit with Public Speaking University
  • Simon Coulson
    • Internet Business School
  • Shawn Casey
    • Partner with Millionaires
  • Darren Winters
    • Trading with Wealth Training Company

Sun 190715

  • Andrew Reynolds
    • Accelerator VIP Learning System and Copy This Idea
  • Paul O’Mahony
    • Social Media Mastery
  • Tom Hua
    • PRIMO2
  • Brian Koz

The key points to becoming a successful online entrepreneur.

As seen above, from the list of speakers, the speakers represented a range of online business and yet there were common key points they all described as being necessary to success in their businesses.

First key point is positive mindset.

All the speakers have modelled themselves on successful entrepreneurs with a positive attitude that says if others are successful then I can be too!Andy Harrington with his book Passion into profit and public speaking course covered this in the most detail and nearly all the speakers here had done his course and benefitted greatly from it!

Second key point

Most speakers outlined a basic essential 3 or 4 point list formula that had to be used. In essence this is:

1. Need to find a hungry market of customers and the internet provides local and global access to this.
2. Need product (which can cover a wide range including services) and actually more than one (but it doesn’t have to be your own). It can be physical and it can be informational and must provide value.
3. Have to bring the above 2 elements together, which you can do with a website with traffic and with a database (ie your own email list)and today, Social Media plays a large part and without using it, you will not be as successful. Or you can use other peoples sites and lists, and finally..
4. Need a payment process (preferably simple and easy) that includes a sales funnel, with some methods to encourage constant and recurring income utilising upsales and down sales.

Third key point

TAKE ACTION. In fact take action now!

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, then you must take action and build your system for leverage for your success. These points are in fact all you need to know and you need to take action to implement them to be successful!

Miscellaneous final points.

Use MULTIPLE INCOME STREAMS. Whatever business you are in you have to think like an entrepreneur and not limit yourself, but be open to opportunity to maximise your success!

Doing all this on your own is HARD! Finding and getting good help can be very important to get you to break through the difficulties and get your success.

If you get these points working in your business, you will be successful! Of course there are many more general and specific points you will then have to employ that depend on your own personality, talents, goals and circumstances. However simply taking action and putting into practise the first 3 key points will bring you online business success1

Why not do it now and take action yourself?!

Why not try this yourself and start to do this and take action now. It will take some time to do, but your future successful self will thank you for taking action now! My wife (Hilary) and I are doing this now, both with individual and joint ventures we have learnt from the Brighton BootCamp and I will keep you posted on our success! By the way if you do this and need any help, leave a comment here and I am happy to reply and try and give any help I can. If you do take action, then best wishes for your success and I wish you GOODLUCK!

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