eBook writing and creating.

Easy eBook writing and creating.

This is just my introductory post on eBook writing and creating. I’ve been writing and working on my own eBook over the last week and I’m doing final editing. There is no doubt about it, there is quite a lot to eBook writing and creating. From content creation to publication and marketing. Is there a simple system anywhere for this? Well possibly! I seem to be developinng my own simple system though. Has anyone else felt some pain in this eBook creation process?

Many moons ago, I joined Liam Naden who is something of an expert on eBook writing and creation. His was a fine course. Typically though I worked through the course diligently but I never finished the sample eBook I started with! I am a master of starting projects and never completing them….See Liam’s coure at eBook writing mastery (Liam’s eBook course) and the fine folks at the Facebook page…eBook creation mastery @ FB.

It wasn’t the content that was a problem, stupidly it was more me feeling I wasn’t an author! Why? I wish I understood myself more…

Well time past and I eventually finished my first eBook (titled ‘IM KISS’). It is available for free if you sign up to my blog! I did a bit more research for this on my own, into the technical aspects of eBook production. I like digital tech production but eBook production is complex with so many formats (eg Word docs/PDF/HTML/Markdown/epub/Mobi/Kindle and many more!), and various creating options (GitHub eBooks and many others).



The eBook process.

Well I may go into this in more depth in another post as there is a lot to say here. This is a basic first pass…

Firstly is content. Do you have good quality content and enough of it? It takes time and effort to write this and how do you write it? Writer’s block? Too much content, too little? Wrriting in notepad? If so remember any images. In HTML? I like html…In Word or Open Office? On pen and paper? Aaaah..pen and paper-those were the days!

Secondly is the editing and formatting process. Have you used good illustrations and images and have you designed the eBook with a cover page and copyrighting etc? Proof read, corrected spelling and grammar? Made the eBook image in PhotoShop or Gimp? How easy was this? Are you a word processing whizz and find this quick and easy? Have you placed any marketing and promotion links in with your content? Is the sales process done? Is it a free eBook to be linked to your sign up? What about Kindle? that is a whole different kettle of eFish!
So it is all done? Good let’s move on to the third and final step of getting the eBook to your audience and the world via the internet.

Thirdly making it available. Is it on your website, blog, Amazon Kindle, Facebook, Twitter and goodness only knows where else? Yes? Great..just sit back and watch the downloads happen and the signups come through along with the money from sales rolling in… All your hard work finally paying off! Great!

Or is it? No sales, no downloads, poor feedback if any! Where and why did it all go wrong? Well there are so many steps to this process there are many places it could go wrong unfortunately.

Internet Marketing KISS eBook book image

Internet Marketing KISS eBook


I’ve been through some highs and lows of eBook creating but am starting to feel a bit better with it and I’m looking forward to finishing my current eBook. There is some great free software available to help in the process (Open Office, Calibre and more). There are so many options available for eBook creation it can be confusing at first, but it has got easier for me, by sticking with it.

Goodluck to all eBook writers and producers. Happy writing and reading! 🙂

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