Happy New Year 2015

This post is to wish every reader at my site a very HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015.

Although this is a very short blog post it is created in a new way for me. I
created it in an HTML file before entering it in my blog WordPress editor. Why?

When previously blogging I have really wanted a way to “preview” my posts before editing and have not taken to the “draft” feature of WordPress. Instead I am going to try this way of making my posts “offline” before editing them in the post editor of my WordPress blog and then publishing my post.

Only time will tell if this will help me with my blogging….I hope it does but it may not and I will probably need to refine this new blogging process as I try it.

Happy New Year 2015 message

Happy New Year 2015

The image above is done with my new Christmas present of 2014..a Wacom CTH-480S graphics tablet with GIMP!


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