April…time to blossom some more!

April..time for more blossom in and out of the garden

The March blackthorn blossom is receding and the cherry trees are in blossom now.

Cherry blossom April 2014

April cherry bossom 2014

It seems like everything in nature is awakening in Spring as we head towards Easter. So it could be a busy time in the garden and it is a good time to plant seed for early summer plants flowers and vegetables. Just finding time for this is tough! I keep doing little bits in my garden but it really needs some time devoted to it to give it the tidy up it needs and get it ready for the main growing season that is starting now! On the seed front here are some peppers on my kitchen window sill…

Peppers growing from seed April 2014

Peppers growing from seed -few days growth-April 2014

Digital blossoms

In brief over the last week I have made my own Fluid CSS Grid and named it rhd_DEgs.
I have added the files to a repository on GitHub see rhd_DEgs Fluid CSS Grid on GitHub

rhd_DEgs_2colLayout Fluid CSS Grid on GitHub rhdDEgs repo

rhd_DEgs_2colLayout Fluid CSS Grid on GitHub rhdDEgs repo

More to come on rhd_DEgs Fluid CSS Grid ….

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