Happy New Year 2014 …belated!

Happy New Year 2014

My belated but better than never New Year 2014 greetings to all!



New Year Resolutions

Well I do not usually try and make resolutions that I may break! I do have New Year plans and my main aim is to finish my ongoing digital productions and do some epic new digital productions in this new 2014!


Well I hope to make Win8 apps and do some good programming and web designing and developing and I plan to continue being open to new programming technologies. For example over the first few weeks of the new year I have been learning MARKDOWN Markdown and over the last few days I have started looking at alternatives to Flash especially Open Lazslo (see OpenLazslo).

I must though complete my current digital projects outstanding from last year before starting some new ones!

So this is a very short and sweet post and another resolution I have is to post more interesting blog posts here every month! Wish me luck, I may need it! :-}
Best wishes…..

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