Christmas lights switch on

Blog Xmas lights switch on

Well I had hoped to get a celebrity to switch my blog Christmas lights on this year but my cat (Charlie) was the only one I could get to do it at short notice ie just now!…Nevermind, Charlie cat will do very well..thanks Charlie, you top cat!

Charlie cat switches on my blog Xmas lights

Charlie cat switches on my blog Xmas lights 081213

So the blog Christmas lights are on and my blog and I can look forward to Christmas 2013 now. I will take this opportunity to wish all my blog readers a happy Christmas 2013!

More on programming & computing to come

As I said in my last blog post I have been trying to learn C programming and am still trying to use it to make my own simple and basic C chess engine. It is hard…I am right now trying to do the chess move input to update the display chess board. I looked at this a little last year and found a post of mine on this at cboard programming C forum though now I cannot get that code to work for me yet! I did get it fixed last year but I have forgotten how I did it then! Today I couldn’t even revisit that blog post as the CBoard forum was timing out for some reason in Firefox…Oh the joys of computing!

CBoard programming browser nil response

CBoard programming browser nil response..times out..081213

Well I hope to get my simple C chess engine done by early New Year. What’s the phrase? Live in hope?!
So, goodluck to all with your computing and programming and digital dealings (and may they progress smoothly…that will be my New Year’s resolution and my hope for my own digital activities).


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