November post

Programming and coding

Well as I write this blog post we are well into November and this month I have been concentrating on C programming. Several weeks ago now I came across VICE chess engine (acronym for Video Instructional Chess Engine in C) by BlueFeverSoft on YouTube. It is a good series and it prompted me to try & work to make my own chess engine in C. However I didn’t get very far because I hit a problem with almost my first function for this which was a function to save a move string entered by the player to a 2D string array and save this for computer and player moves for every turn. I decided to go back to the drawing board and take some basic C programming lessons and see if I can learn enough to figure out myself how to fix my troublesome string function.

So far I have completed 2 or 3 basic online C courses and I still haven’t got my problem function working yet! I have quite enjoyed learning more about C programming though.C is not the easiest of programming languages to learn but it does help to understand basic concepts of computer memory management and is definitely a good grounding to have when going on to learn other “easier” languages. Anyway I need to continue my learning and experience with C and hope to do a post on C string handling when I have fixed my problem function as I have not been able to find a similar example I can easily adapt and learn from to my code. I wonder how many people try to learn C and give up?

Unwanted side effect of programming

The extra time I have spent programming at my computer has meant I have done less exercise recently and this coupled with my over healthy appetite has led to my waist expanding and a feeling of unfitness! After I have done this post I hope to do my daily exercise and try and stick to it and not stay sitting at the computer for extended periods!

My other projects

Well these have been put on hold while I have been learning C programming but the time is right I feel to for me to start up my other projects again and try and complete them alongside some continued C programming learning.

I have several eBooks to complete and a redesign of a WordPress theme and a blog audit product to finish!

Finally this morning I have prepared a slow cook meal for the family tonight-it is in the oven now and will cook slowly till this evening. This is nothing fancy but should be a hearty family meal on a cold dark autumn night. I hope it will be tasty…MasterChef watch out! 🙂

Slow cook in oven

Slow cook in oven

(OOOh..looks like the oven needs cleaning too!…… 🙂 )

Time to exercise before going to work…..

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