Autumn thoughts..

I am on my autumn holiday! So it is time for a new post and here it is!
Here in Suffolk UK we have had a very good summer weather wise and this has been most welcome! Now as the leaves are turning colour and falling from the trees it is getting colder, windier and wetter. Autumn is here!

My back garden start autumn 151013

My back garden start autumn 151013

What happens in Autumn? Well most importantly it is my wedding anniversary on 31 October. I forget how many years (not really -it’ll be 26 but don’t tell anyone!). For those that know it is the same day as Halloween-scary or what!? Well my wife & I don’t really celebrate Halloween but we will celebrate our anniversary! After that there is bonfire and fireworks on November 5th as we celebrate Guy Fawkes by burning his effigy!? Then we can look forward to Christmas and then the New Year! Well all that is too far ahead for me now, as I am just preparing to get ready for the cold, dark, and stormy autumn ahead!
In 2 weeks time the clocks go back and dark evenings set in. What fun! Hilary and I have had some great days in autumn on our wedding anniversary and we fondly remember one glorious anniversary at Stourhead in Wiltshire (even before our children were born!). Happy days!

Anyway now back to business. I have already had a few days holiday in which I was determined to work on my many computing and programming projects. Before starting though I thought I would fix my email problem on my Windows 7 computer. Well after 2 days the problem still remained (although a new account did work both sending and receiving mail though I was spending more time transferring/copying my email folders and message rules). Then I tried simple C compiling a file I was working on and that failed! At this point I had enough of my computer! I wanted to work on it but it was running slowly and badly and I was getting nowhere so two days ago I bought a new desktop with Windows 8. I have just done a post about my initial thoughts on starting to use Windows 8.

My new desktop computer

My new desktop computer 151013

So I am re-enthused with my new computer running Windows 8 to start computing and programming and I have lots to do for my digital, computing and programming virtual world! I shall be beavering away during the long autumn and winter nights on my new computer and look forward to being productive during this time before the spring bulbs emerge. Well got to have something to look forward to!

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