Summer holidays…..

Holiday cottage Polladras Cornwall

Holiday cottage Polladras Cornwall

At the start of August I went away for a week’s holiday break to Cornwall with my wife and mother in law!
We had a great week away in a holiday cottage (more semi-detached bungalow) in Polladras village (close to Helston).

We nearly had a week off from computing but we had brought our laptop and Hilary signed up to BT for a week’s wifi connection where we mainly kept in touch with Celia doing her photography challenge (see Ailec Photography link )

Loe Bar Cornwall view from coast path Aug 2013

Loe Bar Cornwall view from coast path Aug 2013

We had a great time exploring lovely beaches, paddling and I even went for a quick swim on Porthcurno beach (which I thought was the best beach we went to all week).

Well we came back home through lots of traffic and I had a week’s holiday at home. In that time I did some gardening and tidying up. It was just nice to be off and away from work. I tried to do some computing but have had certain issues with my desktop and am just getting it back into proper operation. I need it working well as I have loads of computing projects still to finish and will post more details later.

For now my holiday is over and I’m now back at work…

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