Delphi XE4 Chess programming

Last month I started a chess programming course with Mike Leahy of Chess Opening Wizard software.
The course is shadowing Mike as he does the next build version of Chess Openings Wizard Professional in Delphi XE4 using FireMonkey which should allow MacOSX compatibility. As such the course is called COW Shadow Me (it has 16 full members and many associate members with the idea that the full member can get fully involved with Mike and obtain the source code while the associate members can watch the process without getting the sourcecode or asking direct questions).

So far so good even though I did not know Delphi or Pascal programming before starting. This gives me an opportunity to learn Pascal & Delphi programming in relation to building chess software which is a hobby of mine. Currently we are on Lesson10 but have to sort out the chess graphics in FireMonkey FMX which is different of course to VCL.

I am running my own chess gui project using Drag and Drop unicode chess pieces in DelphiXE4 and would like to do an iOS app later with this too.

Delphi code uses the Delphi IDE from In brief Delphi gives a fast way to develop Windows & in XE4 now Mac GUI using RAD (RapidApplicationDevelopment) through the use of components. I have a lot to learn about Delphi and currently I am looking to learn more about Delphi graphics especially in relation to the chess diagram type we are building in the COW Shadow Me course.

I will post more after further COW Shadow Me lessons…

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  1. Jan says:

    Did you succed with your GUI?

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