May or may not!?

This is a silly post title to remind me it is now the month of May and this is my blog post to record that!

So what have I been up to during April? Well I have had fun and games on my computer and programming:

Web developing

  • Web dev part1
  • I have been working on 2 websites and both related to WordPress. For one I have used a WordPress theme from the WP theme directory that I have been customising and the other involved recoding an old table format coded site & recoding it to html5 and a WordPress theme. All of this has taken some time and I have not fully finished these yet (but very nearly). I have had much experience by doing these.

  • Web dev part2
  • About 2 weeks ago I was listening to some music video on my computer and started to look at HTML5 audio property to see if I could simply add an HTML5 audio player to my blog. Well 2 weeks later and I am still customising the basic HTML5 audio tag with Javascript to make my own custom html5 audio player. I have a good example done but just need to add/integrate it to my WordPress blog now. Later I will do a blog post on HTML5 audio…..

    Computer issues

    Sadly since my last post my Win7 desktop has not been running too smoothly! One day it took me 12 hours to start Windows7! On switching on the computer started in Windows Recovery Mode…..All very painful as of course I did not have a recent backup of my hard drive. Once I was able to start Win7 I tried making a good backup with a WD Passport backup drive but I have had problems with this that I still need to fix!

    Other things

    Otherwise I have not done too much else. I have done next to no gardening (only cutting the grass once so far this year) yet this season as I am a fair weather gardener and the weather has not been good. I went with the family to my niece Frankie’s wedding to Ben and that was a good day-congratulations Frankie & Ben!

    The football season has just about ended and I was very relieved that ITFC avoided relegation and had a reasonable finish to the season. See more on my ITFC blog (my ITFC blog)

    Anyway I will keep programming and web developing and hopefully I can do more regular blog posts…or I may not! (pun now from post title… 🙂 )

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