Let it snow, let it snow…2013 starts in the snow!

Well, a cold and snowy start to the New Year 2013!

A fair amount of snow arrived last week here in Suffolk .

Suffolk snow Jan 2013

Snow in Suffolk in Jan 2013

Well I can’t say the snow has stopped me posting on the blog! Something has though as this is my first post for 2013…

Once again I have become sidetracked trying to learn some C programming. It is enjoyable to learn but I find it harder than I would like as I am self taught. There are at least lots of C programming resources and tutorials on the internet & I have a lot of information to look at for this!

Well I really should do this as a sideline and I should attend to my blogging & other online activities as a priority. That sounds like a good New Year resolution- I’ll try it!!

Anyway this is just a quick post for now as I have to go to work very soon. Take care & enjoy the snow if you can 🙂

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