Web Video Mastery (makeyourownwebvideos.com)

Would you like to make your own videos for on and offline use? Video making ability using screen capture software is a powerful and essential tool for many in today’s multimedia digital age. You can use video on your website or on other social sites including the very well known YouTube, or locally on your computer or phone or suitable device.

The Web Video Mastery (WVM) package from www.makeyourownvideos.com is a great introductory course to show you how to make quality videos using freeware software to enhance your multimedia presentational skills.

I enjoy using the HTML5 capabilities including the HTML5 video player which you can see in action on my Animoto video on the blog sidebar. I shall be making posts on video creating here including HTML5 video capabilities.

WVM has been made by two of the best internet marketers, Gary Parke and Gary Simpson of IBCX and represents an excellent entry level video training package. Sign up for it from the link above or on the blog sidebar. Happy video making!

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