Blog refresh

Over the last week I have found renewed interest in my blog and have been making various tweaks and adjustments to it.

blog refresh

Blog refresh

Firstly, I have removed my static pages and replaced them with blog pages on the relevant topics and they are available from the main nav menu. I actually turned the static page titles into blog categories and now they form new blog post pages and I will need to post them with the correct blog category for them to be added to the correct custom menu link. For instance this post category is ‘Home’ and will show on my homepage-simples!

Secondly, I have changed many of my links. I have weeded out some old links and added some new. These are found on the sidebar and include my YouTube video account rpdatutube I have also added header icons and tidied up my animoto html5 video player.
I plan to continue to tidy up my blog and add more features and hope this will encourage me to post more regularly. I hope this will be interesting for readers and I look forward to feedback!

Here on my blog I plan to use this home category as a regular update of what has been happening on my blog. I have also made recent blog posts on my programming categories and I even have a new site following Ipswich Town Football Club (ITFC) and I am posting on that and I have posted on my chess site too!

On the ‘techy’ front, I have been looking at WordPress plugins recently too and adding text editor in WordPress to plugin textareas. I have not fully sorted this and I hope to post more on this to my WordPress category but to see some information please see this link :“PressCoders-text editor in WordPress”

Of course I still have old issues to fix on this blog and my main one is to get bbPress (or BuddyPress-I don’t mind which!) forum working properly. This as you may know has proved hard and will be a good ‘techy’ challenge to fix!

However that’s all for this post-if you have any suggestions for my blog/blogging feel free to comment and even subscribe as I have lots of goodies I will be adding to the blog in the near future! I trust my renewed blog enthusiasm continues! 🙂

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