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I am reorganising my WordPress blog right now and I am removing ny WordPress static page and replacing it with a WordPress posts page based on posts I make under the category WordPress. I hope this will prove a better way to rganise and use my blog. Time will tell….

In this WordPress(post1) post I am simply copying & pasting the content from my old static WordPress page. So here it is:
Welcome to my WordPress page.

I have been learning about WordPress since starting this blog and I want to share my WordPress experiences here. WordPress is I feel a good blogging and CMS web technology and there are many millions of websites using WordPress. That has to be a great endorsement!

See anIMass live demo at http://onlinewpthemetest.richard-dickinson.com/

I have a lot of WordPress information to share so I have put up this page (and I may later show this on a seperate website).

For now I want to share my own newly created free WordPress theme named anIMass. It is designed for Internet Marketing but is flexible and can easily be used for other purposes.

I am currently editing anIMass to enable it to be added to WordPress Themes Directory

This will be anIMass version3 and I will post a DL link as soon as anIMass v3 is ready! -soon hopefully!!

Monday 25/10/10


My first WordPress theme anIMass is available for download at the WordPress theme directory

at: http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/animass

Download and enjoy. If you get any problems or want any advice do let me know.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< That's it! From now on my future posts on WordPress will be given the category 'WordPress' and will appear on this menu by category 'WordPress' on the main site nav/menu.Working with WordPress blogs is an interesting experience and hopefully I will blog/ post about my WordPress experiences more regularly here and hope this will be of use and interest to readers!

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