My Tech Tips (post 1)

Welcome to my tech tips!

This first post is simply a copy of the content from my page ‘My Tech Tips’ and is displayed on the menu and on this post through the categories section using ‘My Tech Tips) as a category!

If that doesn’t make much sense to you then do not worry! It is just me playing around with WordPress & my blog. I will try this approach and in future any post I add to the ‘My Tech Tips’ category (such as this one) should show here and not show on my homepage.
Finally to clarify, these posts maybe about software or hardware for the computer and for everything else! Quite a large category really (don’t worry I shall not be giving tips on the latest way to dice carrots! :-)) & let’s see how it goes….

Original content from my WordPress page ‘My Tech Tips’:

I will be posting here articles on technical computing issues that I have faced since owning and using a computer and some areas of computing interest that I have. I have been computing for many years though it is only recently I have taken more interest in the techy side of computing including ICT and programming.

I intend to do a monthly digest newsletter which can be yours if you subscribe!



Well currently we are experiencing a poor Broadband service where we live in Bury St Edmunds Suffolk.

Our speed is only about 1.5 meg which is quite slow. Currently Orange (our ISP ) are changing from IPSTREAM to LLU & the changes are due to be finished on 8 April. Currently I do not know a lot about this and my wife has become quite interested as she wants us to get the best broadband deal we can get and she has started some research into this.

I should be able to post her results on this soon!


Adding Pictures to WordPress

My current digital camera is a Sony Cyber-shot 12.1 megapixel and this gives pictures approx 4000 x 2600px 3-4MB. These are too big to upload to this blog or to use on the internet in general (take ages to upload and make pages load very slowly). They need to be resized and I was recently looking for a simple way to resize these pictures other than opening a graphics program such as MS Paint, or PaintShopPro or other. I wanted to be able to select each picture to resize and then right click to open the context menu and resize from there and I found a free image resizing program that does this well. The program is VSO Image resizer

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