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Sometimes I think IT / programming is not for me! This happens when I try new actions and they hit the buffers.

For example I still have not fixed my WordPress child theme problem with BuddyPress and/or bbPress (see my last post). I asked for help but have received none. Nevermind-as always I press on and I will sort this somehow (though I remain less than impressed with both BuddyPress and bbPress).

Next I hit a problem running IIS7.5 and have had no help to fix that ( I also still have not resolved my ColdFusion problem in IIS).

Well to take my mind off these issues I decided to reset up my KVM switch and use my secondary old PC to run a linux distro. To cut a long story short, this too has caused problems-mainly with my old second pc having a dodgy hard drive! I have finally fixed it by ditching that PC & using my daughters old PC on which I installed Fedora 17 and in which I am doing this post!

Fedora 17 desktop screenshot

My second (kvm) desktop with Fedora 17

Screenshot of my blog from Fedora17 desktop PC:

Blog screenshot in Fedora17

Blog screenshot in Fedora17 (different resolution than on Win7 pc)

Next compare this with the screenshot of the blog from my Win7 pc (different screen resolution-I will check Fedora17 screen resolution…)

Blog screenshot in Win7 pc

Blog screenshot in Win7 pc-compare to screenshot from Fedora 17 pc with different screen resolution

Anyway I am experiencing problems too with Fedora17 (difficulties installing programs from add/remove programs & had to uninstall and reinstall terminal and I still need to get my programming environment properly setup). However I feel better about programming now being again able to program under both Windows and Linux.

So now I hope to return to all my other outstanding work with new vigour and to take up the challenge to fix all my many web and programming problems!

I will try & post more regularly with updates on my progress!

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