BuddyPress (+/- bbPress) forum help…

As you may know, I am keen to get BuddyPress forums working well on my site and I am having problems achieving this!

So, I am now posting directly for help with BuddyPress on my WordPress site to see if there is anyone in internet land who reads this and can help me run a BuddyPress forum on this WordPress site. If you think you can help me do this then please leave helpful replies and I will be very grateful.

BuddyPress issues I need to fix:

Currently I seem to have around 74 site members of which around 70 or so seem to be spammers! I have BP humanity plugin now in an attempt to stop robot spam but is this enough? (I will hopefully soon delete all spammer accounts).

I currently have a bbPress forum -Forum 4-netnewbies (see sidebar) which I would like anyone interested to sign-up to. I would ideally like this as a sub forum of a general sitewide forum-how can I do this?

How does bbPress and BuddyPress work together on a site?

I am most grateful for help from anyone who knows how to run bbPress and or BuddyPress forums well and who are prepared to help me get a good BuddyPress/bbPress forum working well on my site here!

I look forward to helpful replies-many thanks 🙂

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