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Well it is somewhile since my last post. Why is that? Well it is because I was doing some website coding which has taken me longer than I anticipated!

I had been converting a static website to a WordPress site for the junior chess club I am webmaster too.
That was quite straightforward but the issue I have had is adding a chess game to the site. WordPress has 2 fine plugins to play through chess games but there is no plugin to play chess against an engine-ie a chess computer program. The nearest I found on the internet was Html5Chess at SourceForge. Then difficulties arose integrating this into the WordPress site and I started to look at the coding for this and while I am reasonably familiar & competent with HTML5 there was a lot of JavaScript included!

Html5 DragnDrop Chessboard

Html5 DragnDrop Chessboard

So my JavaScript coding skills are not great and I have been trying to improve them. This is not a great problem as there are many JavaScript tutorials on the internet & it has certain similarities to other programming languages I have some experience with (data handling/variables/objects etc etc).

I have though been stuck over the last few days trying to implement HTML5 Drag and Drop on the Html5/CSS (no tables) chessboard I adapted from HTML5Chess from Sourceforge. I often find that I have to adapt or start from scratch with code while using open source code as a guideline to get what I want from the application.

In the course of my trials with this I find the HTML5 Drag & Drop API does not have the greatest reputation and I have been advised to try jQueryUI Drag and Drop as an alternative. However I still want to get the HTML5 DragnDrop working so I will continue until it does work! I am very stubborn!

I have many other jobs to attend to but I do hope to find time to finish this project & use the chess game on the junior chess club website. I could always then try & produce it in WordPress plugin format!!

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