Blog signup + free gift (Html5 Salespage template)

I have today completed the addition of AWeber email signup to my blog-see the AWeber blog signup widget in the sidebar.

All signups presently get my free gift of an HTML5 Salespage Template ideal for IM purposes.

My interest in my blog has been reignited by the IM course IBCX I am presently on. This step of adding a signup was part of my ‘accountability  plan’ which is now completed successfully for the last week!

I will now be adding at least 2 blog posts here a week as part of the 7 Day challenge at IBCX & this will be a challenge-given that I go on holiday tomorrow. I will have to take my laptop with me to add a post & hope the place I am staying in Norfolk has internet access!

Well here is to more posts on technical and general issues….I’m looking forward to it & I hope you will be too!


Due to a technical difficulty with the download gift I have had to remove it from my blog & suspend registration-I hope to reinstate this as soon as possible when I have fixed the problem. My apologies

Today I have replaced my AWeber blogn list signup. This I hope has been modified and will allow access to subscribers to my free gift-my free Html5 Salespage Template

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