More blogging + free gift to come…

I have over the last few days created a free gift to give away on my blog!

I intend now to blog regularly and also post freebies to give away. I shall soon add the ‘Freebies’ page.

The free gift I have just made and will be making available for download from here is a FREE HTML5 salespage template.

This should be very useful for all internet marketers.  I will though provide this free gift as a reward for signing up to my blog as I will be doing the interactive approach of sending emails to subscribers.

Later I plan to provide regular email newsletters and really get interactive! I have great plans for sharing my knowledge and experience in marketing, computing and other topics in this way. However before I release this free salespage template I am adding an A Webber opt in form in the sidebar to subscribe to my blog & then receive my free HTML5 salespage template.

In the meantime here is a quick composite screenshot as a preview of the free html5 salespage template:

free html5 salespage template

free html5 salespage template


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