Internet Marketing and mentoring with IBCX

I have just recently joined an Internet Marketing and mentoring program called ‘InternetBusinessCodeX’ or IBCX for short!

This course is led by Gary Simpson & Garry Parkes, two well known and highly respected bloggers and marketers. These two have great experience through their years online marketing (including seminars with Alex Jeffreys and many other IM contacts). I have already experienced tremendous advice and generosity from these two leaders which is pushing my own Internet Marketing goals forward.

As IBCX has just started I am part of the first course and the members range from IM novices to experienced IM marketers and there is something valuable to gain from this course for anyone even vaguely interested in IM. The list is now building for the next course-if you would like to apply and I highly recommend it click the affiliate banners here on my blog to sign up.
I look forward to seeing you as an Ibcxy/Ibcxies!

I will be blogging more about IBCX as I progress through the course-stay tuned….

Internet Business CodeX

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