anIMass WordPress theme for my blog

Today I changed my blog theme from my original theme (remember?-it was my customisation of Ryan Grabensteiner’s WP theme) to my WordPress theme anIMass!

I had just customised anIMass theme for Hilary’s blog (increasing the content width & adjusting wordwrap on the comments) and I have used this template for anIMass here. I still have some tweaking edits to do to get everything working fully correctly but so far I am pleased with how my WP theme anIMass is (appearance & function) now.

Of course anIMass is available from WP theme directory at
anIMass @WPTheme directory link
If you would like to try this WordPress theme then go ahead & download it and if you need help to customise it-just ask me & I will help!

So now I have a new theme for my blog I SHALL be blogging more regularly….. 🙂

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