WordPress3.0.1 updated!

Well it has been a while since my last post here. 2 or 3 weeks ago my site went down & the host server thought a WordPress plugin was the cause. They disabled all my 30 or so WP plugins &  then restarted this site. I have finally re-activated the majority of the plugins and so far the site is still working! I do not know which one was the problem!…It was a bit of a pain.

Anyway now my blog is updated to the latest WordPress3.0.1v and I have been creating my own WPTheme for my chessblog (www.chessat.richard-dickinson.com). This has had ups and downs and currently it is not working properly in IE but works fine in Firefox. Hopefully I can fix it soon!

 I have learnt a lot about WP theme creating and HTML5 (+ a little CSS3) but there is a lot more to do and learn! The joy and pain of WordPress!  I think overall WordPress has a lot going for it so hopefully my experiences with it will help me blog and interact via the internet better and so the more I learn and know about it the better I can use it.

 Plenty of other things have been happening in between the odd bit of gardening and going to work. I still though am not in my ideal work situation (but who truly is?!). Of course the children are on summer holiday now and thankfully we have had and hope to continue to have a decent bit of summer weather. I look forward to a few days holiday in around a weeks time but feel I have a lot to do-so I must make time to get out with Hilary, Chris and Elizabeth. A nice trip to the coast would be good.

That is enough for now! I hope to post more regularly now the site is back in action-best wishes to any and all readers! 🙂

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