National Insect week

This week is National Insect Week and coincidentally I have had two bee hives to deal with in the last week outside our house. Two beekeepers were called and they took the hives away. Bees are of course needed to pollinate plants and they also produce honey.

Beehive in tree closeUp

Beehive closeup

Removing the hive-protective clothing needed!

Removing beehive from tree

Beekeeper about to remove beehive

Other than that it has again been busy in our home. Elizabeth returned from France from her watersports week with the school having greatly enjoyed the trip. She tried sailing and windsurfing and liked them. It would ‘bee’ nice if Elizabeth & I could get to do some windsurfing and or sailing locally! (do not really have the time though).

Unfortunately Dad had to go to hospital last week and is there now and treatment includes some form of radiotherapy which is not pleasant. Mum is of course worried as we all are-c’mon Dad -get better soon!

I today finally got IIS7 and Xampp back working together on my computer after they decided to conflict over a week ago. Strangely I am not certain what caused the problem nor how I managed exactly to fix it. It was a pain to fix as it has taken this last week fiddling around. Hopefully now I can continue with my web design development on my localhost server in php and asp. I briefly looked at Umbraco CMS and that may have caused my localhost IIS7/Xampp problem-but I am not sure. Also I can now continue with my new WordPress theme development for my chess blog theme. I am now using WordPress3 on my localhost servers but haven’t yet upgraded my live WP sites to WordPress3 yet. I shall though look at doing this soon!

Meanwhile sport continues. England actually scored and won 1-0 versus Slovenia in the World Cup in South Africa and now will play Germany next.

Wimbledon has started and Mahut and Isner are probably still playing their match! After 10 hours they were 58 games all in the final set!! Quite remarkable…:-)

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